(2-3) Create a Sustainable Career: Experiment and Be Flexible


In a VUCA world it is important to keep employability high! so, in these series of posts (this is the 2nd and brings two pieces of advise to you) it is legitimate to wander How should I manage my career – and my online reputation – as goalposts are constantly moving? Let me share two pieces of advise. Hope these help!!!

  1. Experiment: Take Baby Steps

Don’t be shy, give new experiences a try. Volunteering, offering your services to associations, contributing to new projects in your current company and new hobbies are all ways to expand your possibilities and social network.


One easy, yet underused, option: Do informational interviews. Though not common in every country, they are another way to explore different sectors or businesses. They can also show you how to position yourself to (potentially) transition into a new area. However, don’t misinterpret the purpose of the interview and never take your CV with you. These sessions are purely informative and are not recruiting opportunities. Read how to prepare for informational interviews for some useful tips.


You can also experiment by sharing content that shows what you know. And that invites others to interact with you. Are you good at project management? Write a blog that adds content (Hey! you are already reading mine!). Make a series of short videos and upload them to YouTube. Remember: you are your own brand ambassador. Put your money where your mouth is: show the world what you know.


  1. Be Flexible

You have to be flexible to survive in today’s fast-paced world. New jobs crop up on a daily basis – and the established ones need new skills. If your self-awareness exercise yielded evidence of inflexibility, never fear.


Flexibility can – and should – be learned and developed. Leave your comfort zone behind and use the countless resources – many of them free (like Coursera and Lynda, now part of LinkedIn, offer free online courses in a variety of subjects) – which can help you develop new knowledge and skills.


If you end up looking for a job they will need you to show you are flexible.  Your résumé should show that you are willing to embrace change, to learn, and to engage in a dialogue. Please read http://goo.gl/OJGBZz to find out more about age discrimination – starting at 35!!!! And how to counteract it. Not surprisingly, research shows that people over 35 need to show they are flexible. The worse way is by explicitly mentioning such adaptability in the résumé. The best way? Do things that show it. One of them is being present in social media. Another way is trying out things that push you out of your comfort zone: either in your leisure time, in your job or in your social engagement.

Will you take the time to go with one of these? hope they pay off…

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