Teaching at IESE

Teaching at IESE

I make IESE’s mission my own by seeking to help in educating “leaders who strive to have a deep, positive and lasting impact on people, companies and society through professional excellence, integrity and spirit of service.

The importance of a relevant
and timely material

I believe that material should be relevant and timely. It is for this reason I have worked on writing a number of cases that I currently use in my classes. In particular, in the last three years I have written cases such as:

  • Amado Tapachul (main topic: motivation and rewards)
  • Eurofirms: decisiones difíciles” DPO 430 (Main topic: leadership, culture and values)
  • Donaldo Alberto Gutiérrez, camarógrafo: El despido como solución a una actitud inaceptable DPO 411 (main topic: leadership styles)
  • Suely: ¿adónde voy ahora? Desarrollo de una carrera” DPO 431 and Alex Lopez e Irene Fariñas (A) ¿Y yo hacia dónde tiro? DPO-397 Álex López e Irene Fariñas (B) ¿Y ahora qué? DPO-398 (main topic: career decisions)
  • Revisiof of case Laia Bertran (A) (B) (C) DPO 140-141-142, and update of parts D y E de Laia Bertran (E) (F) DPO 401-402 (main topic: decisions in the face of adversity)

I find that cases take different forms, other than traditional written ones, namely: Movies, in which selected excerpts act as a “part” of the case. For instance, the Oscar winner “Departures” works very well in classroom settings, and the Starbucks video works well for distance learning modules. Experiences, such as the Dali Tower or the Culture Card Game, in which participants experience a situation and then reflect on what (and why) things developed as they did. Experiential activities, as for instance (still under development) the Icaria-M. Jose Pujol case together with the experiential at the IN-OUT hostel in Barcelona, which might work very well for executive education as well as other classroom programs. For these reasons I have developed Moreover, I have developed other materials such as simulations (“Las reglas del juego en la era digital” (pending copyright)), and exercises (INOUT Hostel: Maria Jose Pujol” Exercise DPOE 11; “Dimensiones de la vida” DPOE 14; Life Lines” DPOE 13 Developing Networks” DPOE 12)