Women in Leadership Conferences

Women in Leadership Conferences

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2019 Women in Leadership: Leadership and the Pursuit of Happiness

Mireia co-Chair the 2nd ICWF – International Conference of Women and Leadership “Women Leadership in the Pursuit of Happiness” The conference attracted papers focused on the current and future transformations of leadership and the contribution of (and barriers for) women leadership from a wide range of scientific perspectives: management, philosophy, empirical social sciences, law and regulation, and humanistic studies, among others.

2017 Women in Leadership “The (new) ideal leader”

Mireia Co-chaired the 1st International Conference of Women and Leadership. The Conference took place in Barcelona, Spain and was organized by IESE International Center for Work Family.

The aim of this conference was to create a vision and to build theory on women and leadership, as well as to provide empirical evidence not only for the academia, but also for organizations.

The I-WIL International Conference of Women and Leadership focused on “Women and (new) leadership” acknowledging that the needs for leadership have changed, and that women contributions might be more relevant than ever to contribute to organizational needs. The I-WIL International Conference of Women and Leadership will paid special attention to women and leadership styles and stereotypes, women and careers, women and corporate governance and women and social networks, among others.