Academic research-old

Academic research

The art of managing uncertainty and fostering the capacity to think critically

My research philosophy

The organization is much more than making money. Is about making this World a better place. For all.

Theoretical frameworks I use in my research

Building upon what others have done before me.

Family Supportive Leadership

Leaders have a privilege. And a responsibility. Toward the organization. Towards employees.


We all are purpose maximizers.

Idiosyncratic Deals (I-Deals)

Doesn’t it make sense to negotiate deals that benefit the employee and the organization?


Looking from a different prospective.

Other research topics

Much more to discover about the world!

Research Books

Going in depth into topics of interest: work-family; careers and leadership.

Book Chapters

Contributing to other’s great endeavors to advance knowledge.

What My Research Collaborators Say

It is a great responsibility to work with, and learn from, people who know so much.